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„Made in Germany“ since 1945

The family enterprise Hugo Lahme GmbH was founded in Ennepetal (Germany) by Hugo Lahme senior in 1945. Hugo Lahme GmbH is a medium-sized family enterprise in which the 3rd generation is in leading position and the 4th generation is already working with the company. The company's headquarter in Ennepetal is the exclusive production and sales location - this guarantees "Made in Germany" since foundation.

Swimming pool engineering and metal casting

Today, just as in the beginning, the nearly 80 employees of the traditional Ennepetal-based company are passionately dedicated to developing optimal solutions for innovative casting technology of the highest quality. In addition to casting technology, our production program focuses on core manufacture, mechanical processing, leak testing, metal impregnation and assembling. Furthermore, we produce our own products for swimming pool technology.

Quality made of bronze, gunmetal & stainless steel

Not only was Hugo Lahme GmbH at the forefront of development throughout the evolution of swimming pool engineering, it was also among its actively creative designers. With products in their various segments, the brands FitStar®, VitaLight®, AllFit® and SpringFit® are a guarantee of foremost quality in bronze, gun metal and stainless steel. In the field of metal casting, Hugo Lahme not only manufactures all its own casting components for swimming pool engineering in excellent quality, it also produces premium castings for customers in other industries.

Continuous innovation for maximum customer benefit

We have successfully utilised the extensive knowledge of materials and production technologies acquired and enhanced over the years to establish quality standards. The company’s numerous patents, utility models, TÜV and other compliance certificates are ample evidence of this. The continuous innovation and development work done at Hugo Lahme has led to optimal solutions with maximum customer benefit and thus to outstanding quality, long service life and value stability. All Hugo Lahme products are still required to meet this same exacting standard today in the fields of swimming pool engineering and metal casting, just as it was then – perfection in every element.

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